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APNIC Open Policy Meeting

Policies affecting the management of Internet number resources are able to change and evolve so they continue to meet community needs. Proposals to change APNIC policies are discussed and agreed on, using a consensus decision making process known as the APNIC Policy Development Process (PDP).

When:Thursday, 27 February 2014
Where:APNIC Policy SIG Meeting
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Chair:Andy Linton (bio)
Co-Chair:Masato Yaminishi (bio)

The APNIC Policy Special Interest Group (SIG) is responsible for the adoption of new policies. Any person may join the Policy SIG, participate in the discussion, join the consensus processes, or propose their own policy changes.

The Policy SIG's Open Policy Meeting (OPM) on Thursday, 27 February 2014, is a key milestone in the policy cycle. A community-developed policy establishes the Policy Development Process. An explanation of how it is implemented is available here.


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How to participate

As the APNIC Policy Cycle is active before, during and after each Open Policy Meeting, it is important to participate during all phases.

Before and after the meeting discussion about policy proposals happens on the Policy SIG mailing list.

During the meeting, you can participate in the policy discussion in person by attending the meeting, or use the remote participation facilities available on this website.

How to participate in policy discussions

Consensus Policy Making

Refer to the APNIC SIG Guidelines to understand how the consensus process works and other aspects of SIG operations.

Steps to participation