Maemura Akinori

NameMaemura Akinori
PositionGeneral Manager, Internet Development Department
OrganizationJapan Network Information Center (JPNIC)
Biographical infoMr Maemura Akinori began his career in the Internet industry in 1994, designing a nation-wide IP network operated by NEC Corporation. Since then he has been involved in the Japanese Internet community as a founding member of the steering committee of JANOG (Japan Network Operators Group). Akinori became a member of the board of trustees of JPNIC in 2002. He was responsible for the IP address management. After working for France Telecom Group for seven years from 2000, he joined JPNIC as the General Manager of IP Department in 2007.He is now the General Manager of Internet Development Department, which covers R&D, Domain Name issues, Internet Governance and public relations since 2009.

He has been serving as a member of the APNIC Executive Council since 2000. He is also a visiting research fellow for GLOCOM (Center for Global Communication of the International University of Japan) since 2007, a visiting lecturer at Reitaku University since 2007, the Chair of Publicity Working Group of the Task Force on IPv4 Address Exhaustion Japan since 2008, and a member of APRICOT-APAN 2015 Japan Organizing Committee.
Motivation for nominationHis proven track record tells that Akinori has a truly balanced understanding of various issues of Internet governance, IP address policy, Domain Name policies, NIR (National Internet Registry) operations in Asia Pacific Region, and IPv6 promotion.I believe his energetic contribution and efforts in the APNIC Executive Council for thirteen and a half years, especially as the Chair since2003 until now, has been extremely valuable to the whole APNIC community.

I am sure that Akinori will continue to make his positive commitment to the EC activities for the coming two years when IP address management and Internet Governance issues in the world as well as the Asia Pacific region.
Nominated by JPNIC

Nominee statement

I have been serving for the Executive Council since 2000, and this is my 8th election to run.

I have been involved in APNIC's business, worked together with Director General and Secretariat staffs, and seen how APNIC grew up.  Thirteen years have changed APNIC very different.

APNIC is no longer a mere registry of IP numbers, but it should take the stewardship to take care of those who operate the Internet Infrastructure.

Of course, as an IP number registry, APNIC should keep on its efficient operation of stable registration services, adding values to its core function.

Moreover as a steward, it needs to contribute for organized coordination of the global Internet, co-working with other organizations, engaging its membership and broader community into better participation and to have their say heard.

I am very eager to serve in the Executive Council for another term, a pivotal time for the Internet,  to deal with them, and I believe my experience through the EC office over decade, coordination work at JPNIC, and familiarity in ICANN policies and Internet Governance will work well for the service.